If you’re here from Ignite #43, I hope you enjoyed my talk on men’s health!  Giving an Ignite talk was a great personal challenge and an amazing experience. Seattle really has the best Ignite audience in the world at Town Hall!

Routine prostate exams and regular checkups are key for early detection of any health issues.

May I make a (butt) plug here for colonoscopies? A colonoscopy could save your life! I had my very first colonoscopy on an icy day in late December 2022. I literally ice skated from my  hotel room to the clinic and begged them for one 🙂

These are the two articles referenced in my talk:

I volunteer on the UW Men’s Health Council. We’re @uwmenshealth on Twitter and would love to connect with you there!

As I mentioned in the talk, half of all men feel more comfortable opening up during informal activities. I started a social club for young widowed people where this happens! If you or someone you know has been widowed one year or more, lives in the Puget Sound and would like to connect with Club Wid (not a support group but a social club for wids born after 1965), come over to meetup.com/clubwid.

If you’d like to contact me directly, email kuochanpong@gmail.com. I’m happy to connect with people who went to Ignite!

Here’s to you and (as far as it’s within our control) a long life,