Speaking at APRU Global Health Conference

I will be giving a talk, “Let’s Talk About Sex: Why Infertility is a Ticking Time Bomb for the Asian Community,” at the APRU Global Health Conference. Hosted by Fudan University, it is a virtual gathering of those dedicated to global health from across the globe. Registration is free at: https://lnkd.in/gEmYDEw

My talk will be 15 minutes at approximately 8pm Pacific time, Oct. 19th, which is Day 2 (Oct. 21) Shanghai time. Please join me! This talk is dedicated to Victor, my late husband, who passed away in June.


Welcome to my little hub on the Information Superhighway. (Do they even call it that anymore? I may have just dated myself.)

This website houses my writing and media appearances, which focus primarily on infertility advocacy and Asian American community issues. Hope you find something that resonates, and every now and then, come back for more.